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. One of greatest advantages of using the internet is that users can interact with others with similar interests from all over the world. Unlike blogs where usually one person will only contribute to the content, in forums many people can write their opinion. Most webmasters and people earning a living online, lead a fairly isolated life as there are few people in the locality who lead a similar life.
Forums provide a great opportunity to find new information and get queries or difficults solved by others with more experience. As electronic communication, especially emails and smses are getting stolen due to corruption and nepotism , in countries like India, the forums have become almost the only way a webmaster and domain investor can communicate with the outside world .
Increasingly search engines are realizing the importance of forums, and forum threads are indexed regularly, rank well in the major search engines. For small business owners and professionals the forums are often the only option for letting others know that they have been exploited or cheated by major brands. Thus forums can be an excellent marketing tool for small business owners and professionals who want visitors, leads and orders
However many of the major brands are sponsors of the conferences and events organized by the major forums, hence they often get their customers banned from the forum. Realizing this, it is important to find honest forum owners who will have empathy, understand the problems of their members and will not ban them for commercial considerations. The forums are a great way of getting help and exposing frauds who have cheated or exploited the member.

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