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.Though content can be created, finding forums to post the content and posting the content can be difficult, time consuming. Many forum owners will delete content or are easily influenced to do so, especially if the content will have promotional link.
Hence it is important to find forums where the content will not be deleted especially for members who are willing to pay. For advertisers, content + valid forum posting account will be provided and the content will be posted. .This option will be suitable when the advertiser cannot post the content themself or find a virtual assistant or intern to do so.
Depending on the quantity of advertising, the ads can be posted periodically, daily or weekly
User name, password and email for each forum will be provided
Link to the forum post will be provided
The post will remain on the forum for at least 6 month
We specialize in providing content in the below niches for both forums and websites and have a large network of our own websites. Due to repeated hostile takeover attempt some diversification and market research has been done
1. Computers, technology
2. Internet - webhosting, internet service providers,domain name registration, technology
3. Work at home, online , offline, home based business
4. Money making online
5. Engineering
6. Finance, Investment, Mutual funds
7. Writing, books
For other categories, please send an email to info (at) .

Please send your request using email to, and Due to the rampant email, lead and order theft in india we are extremely unlikely to receive any order through the website. Content will be only for seo purposes

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