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.Forum owners with a dead or inactive forum can get free non promotional content which does not contain any link or promote any website.
Up to ten threads are provided for review purpose
These posts will share information or problems which webmasters, domain investors and women face, especially in india.
It has been noticed that larger forums which have many expenses are ruthlessly censoring or moderating content which could offend larger companies who may be their main advertisers or sponsors for their conferences. Officially these websites are like politicians who will pay lip service to being honest and politically correct, In reality they will ruthlessly target any small business owner which a company like Google would like to destroy financially to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply For example at least a few experienced webmasters in different countries like India and Czech Republic have found that their posts on the largest web hosting forum in the world have been deleted without a valid reason, their account suspended or closed.
Hence it is important that smaller forums and message boards with tolerant webmasters should flourish so that smaller companies and webmasters have the opportunity to express themselves and tell people about the harsh reality of the internet world
Free marketplace listing are also provided for selling products and services .

Please send your request using email to, and Due to the rampant email, lead and order theft in india we are extremely unlikely to receive any order through the website. Content will be only for seo purposes

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